Who we are

We believe in innovating with time

We believe in providing the best to our consumers in any way possible. Our objective at Puma is to bring out the most from our resources and make our products an easily accessible utility for our consumers.

Puma Energy Pakistan is an expansion of Puma Energy Global. We carry the legacy of being the best fuel and lubricant company that allows your
vehicle to outperform.


We Make Essential Innovations The World Needs Now


Our Mission

Our mission is to energize communities to help drive growth and prosperity by sustainably serving our customer’s needs in high potential countries around the world.

Our Vission

To create a thriving and energized world, where sustainable energy fuels progress and enriches the lives of all people, while delivering long-term value to our stakeholders. By being a leader in sustainable innovation, we strive to make a positive impact on communities everywhere.


Energizing communities

Around the world.

At Puma Energy, our purpose is to 'energize communities and help drive growth and prosperity by sustainably serving our customers’ energy needs in Pakistan.

Energizing communities Around the World


Our Strategy

We are putting customers at the heart of everything we do and forging ahead
with our transformation to 'energize communities' and deliver sustainable,
profitable growth. To coordinate and maximize positive impact, our
customer-led strategy has three core pillars.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

We are utilizing our assets in an effective and efficient manner in order to bring out the best results. We believe in adding more to the value proposition that we have set for our customers. Our well-equipped machinery works day and night to
Focused Growth

Focused Growth

We focus on continuous improvement and growth in order to remain our customer’s first choice. We have never been stagnant when it comes to growth.
New Business Development

New Business Development

Moving upwards has always been our priority. We strive to become the most developed and known oil and lubricant brand.

Our Story

Puma energy moved to Pakistan in 2017 with the goal of becoming the market leader in fuel and lubricants. We thrived to become the best among all. We believed that the Pakistani Oil and gas industry had space for a new entrant to be introduced.

Over time, we stayed dedicated to our vision and mission. We spread our operations throughout the country, and we are still investing in providing even better services to more cities in Pakistan. Puma has gotten a lot of trust and love from Pakistani citizens.

Having an operational head office in Karachi, Pakistan. with the network of more than 500 stations we promise to energizing communities all over Pakistan.

Puma Energy Pakistan has the potential to retain its customers as they are highly satisfied with the performance of their vehicles after they used the wide range of products that Puma has to offer. We carry the legacy of the most satisfied clients. Our pumps are currently growing widely across the country


Our plans

We plan to make this year “The year of development” with aim to rebrand more than 100 fuel stations across the country which would make Puma Energy Pakistan a well-known and trusted brand in the market of fuel and lubricants. With an aim of being even better in the future, we are working on our plans today. We believe in the philosophy of continuous improvement which helps us in becoming the number one choice of our customers.

Puma Plans